Hours of Operation:

M, T, Th, F
530 - 830 pm

Sat. 12-4
or by appt.


PB Sterling WoolNook & Mill, LLC offers Personalized Fiber Processing.
Specializing in Small Batch Service

PB Sterling WoolNook & Mill, LLC offers lessons in skirting, fiber preparation, scouring, knitting, and spinning. We also offer custom dyeing, and blending.

I hold certification as an ASI Certified Wool Classer and I am also seeking to become a certified Alpaca fleece classer.

I raise French Angora Rabbits and sell their wool as well as bunnies.

Our mission is to preserve the traditional, sustainable crafts of our forefathers, sharing our evergrowing knowledge with others, providing a quality service to small homesteads/farms and to provide quality products.


Visit The Makers Cottage at:


The Maker's Cottage
Specializing in local, sustainable, handcrafted and unique items.

We are now accepting applications for vendors. Click Here for Application. The cost is $65 per month for a 6'X4' space, or team up with a friend and share a booth. Cost includes rent, advertising, feature in monthly newsletters and staffing of the store six days a week.
Cheaper than a farmer's market, open rain or shine and geared toward your target customer. Plus, we are open year round to take advantage of those Christmas sales.

Cottage is located right off of Rt 272, the major road that runs through Southern Lancaster County.

We are especially looking for sheep and wool products, yarn bowls, jewelry, candles, honey, metal works, and small wood products. Do you upcycle, make something unique? I'd love to see it.

Applicants will be juried by photographs and short personal interview.

All items must be handcrafted by vendor.
There is a limited number of booths available so contact me now to become a "maker" at The Maker's Cottage

Contact Diane Kreider of Nine Patch Farms kreidercottage@aol.com or message her here on facebook or call/text her at 717-917-3203 You can contact me also, but since Diane is going to be the Manager (so I can get milling done), it would be easier to contact Diane.


The Shop is offering:

Artisan Plan
The Shop will be accepting 3 Artisans each with one unique product to consign at
10-12 shows during the year.

  1. Artisan will receive 70% of the sales of your product.  Check issued at the end of each month.

We do the work, you reap the benefits.
Free Advertising for your craft.


The Mill will be offering:

Producer Plan
The Mill will be accepting 6 Fiber Producers for the Producers Plan for this first year.
From Fleece to Show.

    1. Minimum 10# of fleece for processing
    2. Mill will process your fleeces as requested (e.g. yarn, roving)
    3. When completed you will label and price or send your labels and pricing requirements.
    4. Mill will take your product to approx. 10-12 shows during the year.
    5. Producer will receive 70% of the sales of your product.  Check issued at the end of each month.
    6. End of year your remaining product (if any) will be returned to you.
    We do the work, you reap the benefits.
    Free Advertising for your Farm.

Farm Plan
Too much fleece and no where to go with it?

    1. Send or Drop off Marked, Bagged fleeces with deposits to the Mill.
    2. When you need a fleece or two processed call or email, and it will be added to the front of the processing que.
    3. The remaining fleeces will be stored in climate control atmosphere until you are ready for more product.

See the new Current Processing page to see where your fleeces are in line.

Mill Hours:
Mon., Tues., Thurs., Frid. 530 pm - 830pm
and Sat. 12-4

The WoolNook

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Adding new products on a regular basis.

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