just made a hat with that white you did for me and it's just lovely, You make such nice even batts they work just great for hat making. - A.M.

I received the box of yarn today. It looks really nice; I like how densely spun it is. Will be good for some snug and warm winter wear.
Thank you,


I meant to contact you earlier! I just wanted to let you know that I love the yarn you gave me, even the cotswold! Thank You so much and looking forward working more with You.
Best wishes,



Where your fleece is processed individually to your needs.
Are you a Fiber Artist with your own carder? Get your fleece washed and picked!
New to all this? Get the whole shebang. Washed/Picked/Carded!
Want something special? Blending different fibers!
Have Fiber.... need color? Have fiber? Need spun?

To see where you are in the production please click HERE

For order processing form click HERE.

Processing Policy click Here.

Please call or emailĀ  prior to sending fiber for processing timeline.

I do my best to keep the turn around time as short as possible. Please understand equipment does break down and this does affect projected date of completion. Our projected date of completion is not guaranteed. If you must have it by a certain date we can ensure a guaranteed date of completion by enclosing the rush order fee.

Please include a separate form for each fleece. Thank you.





For those who only want Wash, or Wash/Pick

Includes prewash inspection, minor skirting and wash 3x.

Washing Only: $8.00.00 lb. incoming wgt.


Wash and Pick Only: $10.00 lb. incoming weight

Cutting Tips

Fleeces that require tips to be cut: $5.00/lb.
$4.00 lb. All "Clean" or "Prewashed" or "Prewashed Dyed" fiber is required to go through one wash at the mill.


Roving or Batts

$18.00 a lb. incoming weight

(Please make sure fleeces are skirted upon drop off or sending)

Includes: minor skirting, washing 3x, picking, carding


$30.00 a lb. incoming weight

(Please make sure fleeces are skirted upon drop off or sending)

Includes: minor skirting, washing 3x, picking, carding, drafting, spinning, skeining/cones, sett

Available yarn weights: sport, dk, worsted, bulky



Blending: Varies on the blend. Estimate given upon discussion of needs.

No charge to blend two or more of your fleeces together.

Skirting or Skirting Lesson: $25.00 a fleece
Dyeing: $10.00 a lb./clean weight

Your choice of:

Cushings Dyes / Jacquard Dyes / Gaywool Dyes

Please contact me for more information.


Homespun Yarns: Completed on a treadle spinning wheel
$.25 cents a yard single ply.
Rush Orders: $50.00 rush order fee. (2 fleece limit) To be fair to the others waiting in line, there is a 2 fleece limit for rush orders.

Processing Policy

  • Upon our receiving your fiber, it will be evaluated for cleanliness and staple length.
    • Do NOT ship wet or damp fiber.

    • If you are ordering yarn, please send a sample of the yarn style you would like us to match as closely as possible to.

    • Fleeces that contain high levels of unwanted material will NOT be accepted and returned to the owner at the owner's expense. Fleeces containing presence or prior presence of moths will be shipped back to owner plus shipping costs.

    • Staples lengths we can handle 3"-7".

    • Unless otherwise instructed, each batch of fiber is handled separately. Your own fiber is always returned to you.

    • Enclose fiber processing order form and label each bag with your name.

    • A $15.00 non refundable deposit per fleece needs to be sent along with fleeces. This non refundable deposit covers incoming fleece preparation. Deposit will be deducted from invoice upon completion. A receipt for this deposit will be emailed to you. Cancelled orders will be shipped back at owners expense.

    • We are not responsible nor can we control any natural faults or performances during the machine processing phases due to the condition of fleeces.

  • Communication via email (preferred method) or phone during the fiber process. Please respond promptly to our questions. This ensures more efficient processing.

  • You will then be added to the processing schedule and given an estimated completion date.

  • At the completion of processing we will email you with your invoice. Payment Terms: Net 15 days.

  • Finished product will be shipped after payment is received and has cleared the bank.

  • Return Shipping Paid by Fleece Owner (USPS Priority Mail) unless picked up at shop.

  • Type of payments accepted: Major Credit Cards, Check, Cash, Money Order or Paypal. A $30.00 fee will be charged for returned checks.

  • Processed orders left over 30 days will be charged 1.5% per month storage fee.

  • Processed fiber unpaid for 90 days after notification of completion automatically becomes property of PB Sterling WoolNook & Mill, LLC.

  • Once items that have been processed are picked up or shipped, sale becomes final.

  • Please feel free to contact us with any questions during the processing time.

  • All prices are subject to change without notice. Processing policy subject to change without notice.